"Style is a way to say who you are without having to Speak"
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Our image consultant and designer Rico Budhrani has the best experience in men's and ladies custom tailoring.

He will assist you in selecting fabrics, choosing and coordinating your wardrobe - 

keeping in mind your personal style and fit preferences.

Our quality, fit, selection of fabrics and personal service is absolutely unbeatable.

No sophisticated person would be caught with a label suit from the regular store which is bound to be worn by those that consider themselves as ordinary. Instead they opt for hand made to measure luxury tailored suits that cut as fine a figure as its wearer.

People who have their suits tailored for them experience a level of quality, service, selection and individuality that simply cannot be found in off-the-rack garments - not to mention the kudos and confidence that comes from wearing a beautifully hand made item of the finest fit and fabric.

Hand made to measure suits are custom fitted to each individual and can be made with special details, such as hidden pockets or a flamboyant lining, not available in off-the-rack suits. Customers also have the choice of thousands of fabrics and styles - allowing you to express your own personal style as subtly or as boldly 

as you dare.


It is suggested that you visit us in your best fitting suit for your measurements, or simply bring it along for obtaining your preferred details.
All your required measurements are taken and kept on file and may be replaced if there is change in your weight and frame.
We also take your digital photos to keep on file to keep your full body profile of your stance, shoulders and stomach area frame.


Six to eight weeks from the date your order is placed. If you require the garments sooner, we will do our best 
to accommodate your request.

Dress for Success

Creating for yourself an unfair advantage over the competition through the improvement of your physical appearance is a vital key to success -- in business and in your personal life. An investment in your physical appearance pays handsome dividends.