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Do you know how to choose the right suit material?

Australian and New Zealand Merino wool are very popular for their consistent quality. Using Pure Wool is important because it is a natural, durable fabric, which is also breathable during the hotter spring and summer months. Pure Wool has heat resistant properties and so won't come back with press marks or a “shiny” look after being dry cleaned.

The weave Super 100s to Super 130s Pure Wool for the workplace. The Super count refers to the thickness of the wool thread and the higher the count, the finer, lighter (and more expensive) the fabric is.

There's usually no need to go too high because while wool marked as Super 180s and above is luxurious and soft to the touch, it is susceptible to snagging, and its durability is generally not as good. Super 150s and above is the realm of executive business suits and suits for special occasions like wedding suits, dinner suits and tuxedos.

At the end of the day, you've just got to know what you're paying for and a good TAILOR will guide you


A quote from a genuine tailor may sound higher than what you may have purchased in a store, but the fact is they sell genuine good quality Suits and the stores buy cheap factory made low quality wool and sell very low commercial quality which will last a few wears and start to show.

If your tailor is from South East Asian countries the quality is 3rd rate RUBBISH, the only good quality tailors mainly come from Hong Kong ( a duty free place where they import the best fabrics)

Always be cautious; if the price sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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